Sci-Yoga - The Scientific Ethical Revolution

"The great stumbling-block that has stood in the way of science is its inability to get inside its object…Yoga enables us to get inside the object" – Sri Aurobindo (The Hour of God, p.61).


The great stumbling-block that has stood in the way of science is its inability to get inside its object…Yoga enables us to get inside the object by dissolving the artificial barriers of the bodily experience and the mental ego-sense in the observer” – Sri Aurobindo (The Hour of God, p.61)

The driving inspiration for Sci-Yoga – The Scientific Ethical Revolution is that spirituality and its foundation of ethical behaviours can be understood through a scientific lens.

The basic presuppositions of this premise, are that spirituality, most precisely outlined by yoga, constitutes a technology; that the technology of spirituality can be shown to be an extension of science, and that defining spirituality and its ethical foundations in terms of science is valuable to the evolution and well-being of the human race.

If a bridge can be built between science and spirituality, which would reveal them to be related, partners rather than opponents, this would allow ethics and spiritual practice to be taken seriously, and to earn a secure place at the centre stage of human life.

The value of this enterprise is evident from the growing popularity of yoga. As creatures with the ability to manipulate consciousness, our wellbeing depends as much on the progress we make with psychological technologies as with material ones.

And beyond this…

Sci-Yoga will also cover subjects that relate to the primary inspiration of this project. One example is how artists interpret the discoveries of science (see my article: Sci-Art).

Artistic expressions inspired by science are a response based on the recognition of an as yet scientifically unproven relationship between the material universe and human consciousness. The response suggests an identity between the two.

How else could there be a recognition and a response unless there were a connection, and how can there be a connection without identity?

What we aim to publish on this website…

The core content of this website will focus on gaining a clearer understanding of the Vedas in relation to yoga and science. The aim is to assist people in feeling closer to their practice of yoga and spirituality, and to thereby assist the consciousness evolution of Humankind.

For this reason, I will not be publishing spin-off content from Sri Aurobindo’s thought, or new theories in psychology based directly or indirectly on Sri Aurobindo’s, or on Vedic/Vedantic/Puranic thought.

My view is that full guidance on yoga practice, yoga-related psychology, and spiritual mapping is provided in the ancient texts of India, such as the Upanishads and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, as well as in authoritative texts and letters from realised souls of later years, such as Sri Aurobindo and Paramahansa Yogananda. What is needed, though, is greater understanding of these teachings, and assistance to follow them effectively.

The aim is that content published on this site will provide a fillip to understanding and practice.

So this only leaves me to say: I sincerely hope you will enjoy this website, and that all contributions in idea, comment, or article form, are most welcome.

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