“It is our desire to help you understand what is really at the heart of that self-created struggle. We want to help you begin from a different premise and understand the Laws at the basis of all things. A new understanding of the Laws of the Universe and a willingness to begin telling a different story will give you different results, and those different results will then give you different beliefs or knowledge” – ‘Abraham’, Esther and Jerry Hicks (Money and the Law of Attraction, p.79)

I will get to the fun stuff, but I just want to start off with a bit of context, which I find amazing…

One place where ancient Indian philosophy and modern physics, particularly quantum physics, meet, is in the idea of a constantly moving, non-solid universe – a universe derived from and characterised by vibration (in Sanskrit: spanda); a universe where something only becomes ‘some thing’ (out of an unnamable potentiality) when an observing consciousness shapes the nature of what is and shapes it into the nature of the observing consciousness.

Mirror, Mirror… in Hindu temples, the mirror reminds us of the nature of R/reality.

Notably, this is the message of the giant mirrors seen in Hindu temples: your life experience, your reality, depends on your consciousness. In your highest consciousness, the Ultimate Reality will be reflected in your mind and that will be your life experience.

For those interested, a brief summary of the metaphysics of this world view, is: the Ultimate Reality became dual manifestation by putting forth its Executive Power, known as Shakti (power). First was created the basic foundation of time-space reality, known as Prakriti. From off this, or in this, Shakti is reflected as (or: as if) manifest time-space reality.

Ok, let’s get to the fun stuff…

It is interesting how the vibrational nature of the universe stretches from ancient philosophy and spirituality, into modern science, and now into new age psychology. In the latter, it’s all about finding HAPPINESS and understanding your FEELINGS, and is a lot of FUN. So please do read on.

The most succinct and practical exposition of vibrational philosophy I have ever heard is by Esther Hicks, who, along with her husband Jerry Hicks, came into contact with a universal (they say it is: ‘infinite’) intelligence, to which Esther gave the name of Abraham.

Esther and Jerry Hicks (Abraham Hicks)
Esther and Jerry Hicks – their Philosophy of Abraham is the original Law of Attraction philosophy, popularised, and some may say dumbed down, in the book and film The Secret. Esther and Jerry were originally interviewed for the film, but were removed from the final cut.

Effectively, Esther Hicks channels Abraham (as a musician or painter channels inspiration), offering to thousands of people, often in the very modern setting of a luxury cruise, what really amounts to ancient self-knowledge.

The fundamentals of this philosophy are below. I cannot offer all the complexities of the Philosophy of Abraham, and encourage you to Google Abraham Hicks: books are available on their website; and an excellent introduction can be obtained via hundreds of audios on YouTube addressing probably every problem that could concern a modern human being.

So, finally, the fundamentals…

1. This is a vibrational universe – we and all things, are, primarily, vibrations. We can feel the nature of the vibrational pattern with which we are resonating by checking out our feelings – how we feel is the indicator of our vibrational pattern.

2. Our vibrational pattern creates a “point of attraction” – this draws things to us that vibrate with the same pattern. Bad feelings will thus bring things that vibrate with that feeling, just as good feelings will bring things that vibrate similarly. This is the basic Law of the Law of Attraction.

3. It is a false premise to start from and to believe that ‘what is’ is what will be – the right premise to start from in life and in thought is what you would like things to be and create that vibrational pattern.

4. What is, is only a vibrational pattern that has been given “momentum” through repetition – to change it, repetition must be stopped, and a new vibrational pattern created and repeated instead. This new vibrational pattern will then gain momentum.

5. Your inner being is equivalent to Source Energy – call it what you will: the Divine, or God – and it is always happy and always feels good and always has clarity. Therefore, to feel good is to be in alignment with your inner being and this is what you want, always.

6. Feeling good or being in alignment with your inner being is non-conditional – there are no conditions that can change your inner being’s happiness. When you are in alignment with your inner being, you will feel good, no matter what.

7. Your only responsibility is to get into and stay in alignment with your inner being – if you are in discord, you are not in alignment with your inner being. You can get back into alignment through understanding three practical methods: a. understanding the emotional guidance scale (see diagram below) and working up it without worrying; b. use self-soothing techniques of thought and speech focused on: what is better now than the worst that could be; the hope and faith that things can and will and are getting better; the clear affirmation of what you believe is the best way forward and the best future to come into being, ETC; and c. self-soothe in a “general” way to begin with (this is telling yourself the emotional version of events but in broad sweeping positive leaning statements about the subject) before homing in on the specifics of what you want to come to pass and how you wish to be.

EMotinal Guidance SCale JPEG

Listen to Esther Hicks demonstrate for a worried mother a self-soothing “rampage”, moving from general to specific. See if you can perceive how her statements move up the emotional (vibrational) scale:

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 00.20.25

8. Earth life is one of contrast, which is ok – dark and light, positive and negative – because it is a life of growth, which occurs through and because of those contrasts. We learn and grow through contrast. This does not mean we should invite contrast. It is something we are in and how things work right now, naturally. We use contrast through “sifting and sorting” through experiences, choosing the ones we want and discarding the rest.

9. “Rockets of desire” and the “vortex” do all the work – as we go through life, experiencing contrast and sifting and sorting, we are sending up “rockets of desire” – things we really really want – which go into a “vortex” which is our personal store house of treasures (all the things we really really want) in the arena of pure creative Consciousness.

10. “Allowing” our well-being brings it forth – our job in life is only to do two things: the “Step One” work of sifting and sorting, above mentioned; and then Allowing. We must allow the things we placed in the vortex to manifest in our lives. This requires us to not “resist” this manifestation. We can eliminate this resistance through thinking and feeling in a “downstream” manner. That is: with ease, with flow, with happiness. We need to avoid “upstream” thinking and feeling –  stressful, without flow, hard work… a word Esther often uses for such upstream behaviour, is “efforting”.

Once you start to turn the tide towards your highest wellbeing, do not keep score. Let it be. Just easefully go with it (ie being general at first – generally I feel fear/ease, or I feel uneasy/releaxed –  until the vibrational reality starts to feel more defined). Do not push and force it (which is “like pushing a noodle”). Being easeful is the “downstream” habit – letting the current of Divine Intelligence take you along. “Efforting” is “upstream”, hard work behaviour, and will make you “resistant” to the manifestation of your desires.

“You intended to come forth into the physical realm of contrast to define what is wanted. To connect with the energy that creates worlds, and to flow it toward your objects of attention. Not because the objects of attention are important, but because the act of flowing is essential to life”

Abraham-Hicks (Excerpted from Lincroft, New Jersey on 10/15/96)

11. “Appreciation” is the best state to be in – to obtain our desires, or simply happiness, as it will enable us to be in a state of Allowing. We can get into this state by being in or creating within ourselves a state of active Appreciation. A stream of self-soothing affirmations and statements are used to raise the vibration of our energy. These statements themselves have incrementally different vibrations (not unlike the Vedic science of mantras), which are able to bring your vibration gradually up the emotional scale. Sometimes, when we are very far from the highest vibration, we have to do this gradually – patiently and incrementally climbing up the scale of emotion.

12. Anger is better than Helplessness – a quick note of interest on the emotional guidance scale: While step 21 looks so negative, it is less negative than step 22 – and so forth up to No. 7 and beyond. In one talk, Esther Hicks talks about how if a child is experiencing Anger as a reaction to powerlessness, but is then chastised for this, the child will slip back into powerlessness, and then the cycle will have to start all over again. The child may never get past anger at this rate. So, Anger is better than Powerlessness. And from Anger the way to go is not through quashing that nor through becoming ever more angry or, as some would worry, through becoming violent, but through self-soothing: taking the vibrations up the vibrational scale – first, through recognising in a general way (see point 7 above) how things are in fact better than they were and what can be done now and what we would like to see happen; then moving to specifics once things are considerably back under your control.

13. Law of Attraction and how long it all takes – things we want may or may not appear immediately on doing this work of vibrational mastery. The important thing (and this is part of the universal law, because we never reach the end, we never get everything done, says Abraham) is that the journey is enjoyed; that it is FUN. The joy is in – and only in – the journey. If every desire was immediately obtained, it would be a very boring life, not least because joy (deep and sustainable) does not come so much from the objects of desire as from the journey – we love to grow and expand and evolve. That is part of our true nature. Also what is fascinating is to see the signs from the Universe, says Esther Hicks, which come to show us that we are on the right track and that things are coming to us – these are like ‘thumbs up’ telling us that we are more and more in a state of allowing; more and more in a vibrational state that matches our desires and ultimate well-being.

14. Everything in our lives has been attracted to us by our own vibrational state or pattern –  even if something happens that is untoward, or someone is unpleasant to us, this is due to our vibrational state – or something in our vibration – even if we cannot discern it right away (i.e. before becoming more aware of who and what we are in total). Often we have a dual vibration going on: the non-aligned and that of our inner being. The idea, then, is to work on removing or releasing resistant thoughts, “clearing them off your path”, to allow your vibration to consistently reside in a higher place. Results of this work, are: a different manifestation.

15. There is no such thing as assertion, only Attraction – a receiver is necessary to receive, and if the object is not tuned to receive the thing being sent, it will not be received. Like the tree that falls in the woods – does it make a sound? Not unless there is a creature there to receive the vibrations of the tree hitting the ground. As quantum physics tells us: the observer makes all the difference. An observer CREATES a pattern out of what was before merely infinite options. If something is “coming at” me, i.e. as if assertion is occurring, it is because I am attracting it, for example by having given it negative attention through resisting it, pushing it away, going to war with it.

16. We affect each others’ vibration for good or ill because we are mostly unaware of what we are in any given moment – we are mostly “sloppy” with our vibrational awareness and control. We need not be affected by others – if we were in constant alignment, as is the ideal.

17. Source never sees you as unworthy, only as a being in development – it does not see your  mistakes as mistakes, but only as moments of lack of clarity and learning. It does not care what you do in terms of a career or life style choice. It only cares about your alignment and your desires to learn and grow are met.

A piece of good advice: In conversation with others, keep things light. If you put in more than they can handle, chaos will be created. Be sensitive to where people are at. Light talk can also become a door to the Light. Just dreaming about lovely things can attract them into your environment.

18. A desire to feel good – should motivate the direction of our thoughts.

19. Unconditionality is an important part of all this because when you can face Contrast with unconditional ease, life becomes like a dance and is great fun – the Contrast pushes against you and you Allow, and a Door opens. Ooh la la! Great fun.

Success is born out of happiness, not happiness out of success.

Objectless happiness poster JPEG

20. Momentum is key to success (or failure), and in getting happy – Abraham describes it as a car, with the brake off, at the top of a very steep hill. If you give the car a little nudge, it starts rolling down the hill. If you quickly step in front and stop it, you can. But if you leave it just a bit longer, it really starts to gather some speed and strength and then you cannot stop it until it hits the foot of that hill.

It is the same with thoughts – whichever ones you allow entry to and to play out in your mind, they will go on gathering momentum. If a positive thought is harder to generate momentum around, that is because the negative thoughts playing are already under good momentum due to your focus on them.

You have to start creating positive momentum, because as you make the effort, the law of the universe naturally brings another and another and another positive thought to join the one(s) you are now thinking. Soon it becomes quite easy to gain momentum around the positive and to reject the negative and to stop it playing out. At some point the negative stops being your go-to reaction and the positive takes its place.

21. Fear is the result of momentum you have got going around false thoughts – those thoughts were created through experiences wherein you had a negative reaction, and created a negative memory, and where you have been “beating the drum” of that “reality” since then, keeping that negative as a “what is”.

The philosophy of Abraham points out that this negativity is not helpful, not necessary, and did not come from nowhere – something in us attracted it. So, when you feel fear, you must: “Acknowledge it as guidance that what you are feeling is bogus”.

It also helps to think: “You are thinking of something that your inner being isn’t thinking of. If your inner being agreed with you, you’d be feeling elation.”

So: STOP thinking about it and STOP beating its drum in order to stop the momentum and to stop it from being alive in your consciousness and experience.

Negative emotion is an indicator that you are where your true being is not!

You don’t want that! You want to be where your true being is! YOUR INNER BEING DOES NOT LOWER VIBRATIONS – EVER! So, that is a sure sign, no surer could you get, that you can and should, are safe to, throw off those vibrations of fear and negativity.

Most importantly, you can tell yourself to make a better choice of what to think in order that you create something better to come to you as what comes next!

While in fear you are simply creating that negative to come your way!

“Your inner being has a different point of view than your negative emotion is telling you. So, when feeling negative, you know your inner being knows something different than what you’re focused upon in that moment” – Abraham-Hicks

“No means Yes” – why? Because by giving any kind of attention to a subject is to create it.

Thus the philosophy of Abraham is about focusing on, beating the drum of, the positive, the positive future, the vision of what wonders could be.

22. Regrets and mistakes are not what you think they are – Abraham does not recognise something like ‘mistake’. They see ‘data collecting’ and ‘decision making’.

Experiencing things and seeing how they feel. And “being in a position of non-clarity, which is always the place where the attraction of something that is not wanted – such as a ‘mistake’ – would occur. So-called “mistake after mistake after mistake after mistake” leads one to a place of great knowing and understanding. Thus the philosophy of Abraham says a mistake is nothing other than “an avenue for clarity [and] growth”.

And what if someone was wronged by your mistake? Abraham-Hicks’ answer is: “One person wronged by this tiny mistake and the whole universe will benefit by it because you will never repeat it again.

“In other words everything in your future is going to benefit. All of the thousands of people that will flow through your experience will now experience a clearer, stronger, surer, more loving being than the one that existed prior to this.”

The Modern Veda

For those familiar with the Vedic philosophy of India and the saying therein that the Veda is brought to the masses in every age in ways graspable to them, the Philosophy of Abraham, as Esther and Jerry call their work, appears to be just this: the Veda in modern terminology. It is the Word brought to the people in the language of the today.

We now have all the components for effective communication: quantum physics and its language, the language of psychology, and the language of new age thinking, which for many years has been translating ancient spiritual systems into modern terms – often, too, attempting to demonstrate the link between physics and consciousness.

And so now the general public, possibly honed by these constant efforts across many decades, is now gradually hearing about and coming to understand the practical and possibly evolutionary purpose of this phenomena.

OM       AMEN

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