The first reblogged article on this site:  The importance of Conscience.

When a person has conscience, they will react with kindness & compassion in the face of suffering.

Since the most devastating bullies have high Emotional IQs, the observations in these studies are an important testament to the fact.

Thank you to the ever excellent Professor David Yamada, tenured Professor of Law, and Director of the New Workplace Institute at Suffolk University Law School, Boston, US. He is the author of the Healthy Workplace Bill.

Minding the Workplace

Dear readers, I’ve collected six previous pieces on kindness and compassion at work and elsewhere. Consider it food for thought as we enter the holiday season!

Valuing kindness over emotional intelligence in today’s workplace (2016) — “For years I’ve exhorted the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace. But Bariso’s piece reminds us that a high EQ isn’t enough. By contrast, Rex Huppke, writing for the Chicago Tribune, suggests that kindness and being ‘a decent human being’ will contribute to better, more successful workplaces . . .”

Not-so-random acts of kindness for the non-saintly among us (2015) — “Last November, I was crossing the street near Boston’s Faneuil Hall when I saw a man huddled in a blanket, shuffling past me in the opposite direction. I caught a glimpse of his eyes for only a second, but I could see a lot of sadness in them. When I got…

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