Sci-Yoga – The Scientific Ethical Revolution is focused on research that lies on the borderland between science and spirituality.

Our mission is to establish the scientific basis of yoga and its underpinning ethical principles.

Our premise is that yoga and its ethics are equally or even more important than honest, well-functioning social structures.

A fundamental idea we will explore is that the disciplines of yoga (including yoga-supported ethical principles), and the exploration of consciousness that these facilitate, constitute an extension of science as the mirror image of science in consciousness.

To reveal how yoga can be understood in terms of science would be to place a keystone in the edifice of human knowledge.

2 + 2 = 4, but why? To the pre-logical mind, the answer is not obvious. Each number is unique, so how do they connect? The problem of connection is at the core of Sci-Yoga.

In a way there is one question at the core of Sci-Yoga: what is the connection between things? The lay person calls it ‘life’, but scientists are yet to understand what that is.

It is the spiritual Masters and philosophers of India who have the most interesting answer. They call it Cit-Shakti: Conscious-Force. This understanding developed into a strand of science, the science of consciousness.

Called ‘yoga’, the practical use of this science is to ‘yoke’ the individual self to the universal and the spiritual. However, physical science has dominated the human mind and mindset for the last several hundred years. This dominance stops the human from yoking itself to the universe or the higher levels of existence. The relationship is external and dualistic. It is often exploitative and destructive.

We have so far been kept from the most exciting discovery of the mirror image of science (see: Yoga: The Mirror Image of Science). But the dust is gradually being wiped from that mirror as the findings of physical science increasingly close in on phenomena recognised by the spiritual Masters, such as evolution and the intelligence of Nature. At Sci-Yoga, we want to help build that bridge between these two sciences. Maybe even help them to become one.

There are sections in this website, such as Yoga Culture and Spiritual Art, which are obliquely related to the central aim of this site. They are core elements of the Yoga field of knowledge, wherein the experience of Yoga’s dynamics are directly experienced.

For example, the arts have an important role to play in terms of intuitive delivery of scientific findings (see: Sci-Art). And Ms Meghan Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex, is a beacon of positivity, and arguably, without this quality the transformation that yoga envisages and makes possible may not be possible.